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Welcome to our Governors Section


All governors of St Oswald’s C of E Academy are appointed to a four year term of office.


Governors are all members of the full local governing body and will also be a member of at least one sub-committee: Resources, Performance and Standards (P&S), SIAMS, Headteacher's Performance Management (HTPM) and Pay. They have responsibility for monitoring key areas so that the governing body can offer appropriate challenge and support to the school.


Our governors can be contacted via the school office.


Our Local Governing Body


Name Date of Appointment Current term of office end date Category of Governor Appointed by Role Committee and Monitoring
Colin Parker 20/09/2017 19/09/2021 Foundation MAT Chair of FGB Committees: HTPM, Resources, Pay and SIAMS

Monitoring: Leadership & Management and Health & Safety

Eleanor Jackson 30/09/2015 21/10/2019 Foundation MAT Vice Chair of FGB & Chair of Resources Committees: HTPM, Resources and Pay

Monitoring: Personal Development, Behaviour & Welfare, Safeguarding and Attendance

Hilary Elizabeth Lorimer 01/01/2015 n/a Headteacher MAT Ex Officio Committees: Resources, P&S and SIAMS
Kerry Margaret O’Grady 20/09/2017 01/10/2021 Staff Staff   Committees: P&S
Clare Lisa Baxter 02/10/2017 01/10/2021 Staff Staff  

Committees: P&S

Supporting Resources and Pay Committees

Elizabeth Robinson 05/10/2017 04/10/2021 Community MAT  

Committees: HTPM, P&S and Pay

Monitoring: Teaching, Learning & Assessment

Susan Pearl Goss 26/04/2017 13/06/2021 Community MAT Chair of P&S

Committees: P&S

Monitoring: Outcomes for Pupils, SEND and Pupil Premium

Louise Adams 04/07/2017 03/07/2021 Parent Parents  

Committees: Resources and SIAMS

Monitoring: Outcomes for Pupils and Christian Ethos

Nodyne Maria Onfroy 01/04/2018 31/03/2022 Parent Parents  

Committees: P&S

Monitoring: Teaching, Learning & Assessment

Miriam Hannah Paget-Kent 14/06/2016 13/06/2020 Parent Parents  

Committees: Resources and SIAMS

Monitoring: Outcomes for Pupils, Sports Grant and Christian Ethos

Alex Rigler n/a n/a Clerk n/a Clerk  
Vacancy     Community      
Vacancy     Foundation      

Pecuniary Interests and Other Roles of Governors


Name Pecuniary Interests and Other Roles
Colin Parker

Pecuniary Interests: Headteacher of King Edward VI Aston School, B6 6DJ; Director of Titan Trust; Birmingham Chamber of Commerce

Indirect Interests: Spouse is Head of Maths at Lawrence Sheriff School

Other Governorships: Member Aston University Engineering Academy; Member Prince Albert Community Trust

Eleanor Jackson Pecuniary Interests: Departmental Manager, Cardiovascular Sciences at University of Leicester
Hilary Elizabeth Lorimer Pecuniary Interests: Headteacher of St Oswald’s
Kerry Margaret O’Grady Pecuniary Interests: Member of staff
Clare Lisa Baxter Pecuniary Interests: Member of staff
Elizabeth Robinson Pecuniary Interests: Teacher at Rugby School
Susan Pearl Goss Pecuniary Interests: Member of staff
Louise Adams Pecuniary Interests: Pastoral role at Warwickshire College
Nodyne Maria Onfroy Pecuniary Interests: SEN Teaching Assistant at Boughton Leigh Junior School
Miriam Hannah Paget-Kent n/a

Attendance at meetings


Name Attendance at Meetings 2016/17 Attendance at Meetings 2017/18
Colin Parker

FGB : 6/6; Resources : 5/5; SIAMS : 1/1

FGB : 6/6; Resources : 2/3

Eleanor Jackson FGB : 5/6; Resources : 5/5; FGB : 6/6; Resources : 3/3
Hilary Elizabeth Lorimer FGB : 6/6; Resources : 4/5; P&S : 3/3; SIAMS : 1/1 FGB : 6/6; Resources : 1/3; P&S : 3/3; SIAMS : 1/1
Kerry Margaret O'Grady FGB : 3/6; P&S : 1/3 FGB : 5/6; P&S : 3/3
Clare Lisa Baxter FGB : 6/6; Resources : 5/5; P&S : 3/3; SIAMS : 1/1 FGB : 6/6; Resources : 3/3; P&S : 3/3
Elizabeth Robinson n/a FGB : 4/6; P&S : 3/3
Susan Pearl Goss FGB : 4/5; P&S : 2/2 FGB : 6/6; P&S : 3/3
Louise Adams n/a FGB : 4/6; Resources : 3/3; SIAMS : 1/1
Nodyne Maria Onfroy FGB : 4/6; P&S : 2/3 FGB : 2/6; P&S : 3/3
Miriam Hannah Paget-Kent FGB : 5/6; Resources : 3/5; SIAMS : 1/1 FGB : 4/6; Resources : 3/3; SIAMS : 0/1

Governor Resignations


Name Date of Appointment Term of office end date Category of Governor Appointed by Attendance at Meetings
Antony John Darby 23/9/2013 31/8/2017 Community MAT FGB 1/6; Resources 3/5; Pay 1/1
Oliver Harry John Mears 23/3/2014 29/10/2017 Foundation Ex officio FGB 6/6
Selene Lara Warrilow 1/7/2015 28/6/2017 Community MAT FGB 4/5; P&S 3/3; Resources 3/5

Diocese of Coventry Multi Academy Trust Governance Structure

Details of the governance structure at the Trust can be found can be found on the following links: