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Welcome to Year 1

Who's who

Miss Southarn - Teacher Monday - Wednesday

Mrs Smith - Teacher Thursday and Friday 

Miss Jones - Learning Support Assistant


Class routine

Monday Group 1 Readers hand books in 

*P.E. with coach

Wednesday Group 2 Readers hand books in 



Forest School Weeks 2, 4 and 6

PE Requirements:

*Please tie long hair back for PE days

Please have outdoor PE kit in on Tuesdays


Topic Covered This Term:

We are going to start the year off with a whole school topic about the book 'Here we are' by Oliver Jeffers.  It is an amazing book that we will dip in and out throughout the year. It is a book about a dad's notes to his son for living on planet earth.  We will explore our planet, the people in it, animals in it and how we should be looking after it.  

The rest of the terms topic is 'Location, Location, Location.'  Looking at 'who I am and where I live'.  This fits nicely into the work on 'Here we are'.  

 Other Relevant Information: 

It is very important that you read with your child at home as often as possible. Please make sure you comment and sign in your child’s reading record whenever you read with them. They need to bring their book to school every day and they will be changed on a Monday and Wednesday depending which group they are.  (We will send you an individual letter.) This year we will be doing a 'Reading Raffle' for those children who have read with an adult at home. 

There will be no homework other than reading at the moment for Year 1. We really want them to focus on their reading and phonics.  We will send home little tasks for them to do with you through Class Dojo Portfolios, so please keep checking there. 


Home Learning:

Week beginning June 29th and July 6th 2020

Good morning Year 1. Here are some suggested activities you might like to try at home over the next two weeks. Some of the activity sheets are linked to the work we are doing in school at the moment which is instruction writing about dragons. There are also some Year 1 maths mats and phase 5 phonics as well as work on plurals which links to Oak National Academy online.


For Oak national academy please follow the link below and look at Week 10, 29th June.

Activity sheets:

Some Purple Mash 2Do activities have been set. Please go onto Purple Mash and access them using your log on details.

They are:

Instruction writing for making chocolate crispy cakes

Sequencing games for making crispy cakes and jelly

Painting milkshakes and a special garden 

Painting a knight and dragon

Here are some suggested BBC bitesize activities for you to look at:

Home learning:

Week Beginning June 22nd 2020

Hello Year 1 and welcome to another week of suggested activities you might like to try at home.

Please log on to 'Oak Academy' and look at Week 9, 22nd June.

The English focus for this week is working on an information text.

The maths activities look at doubles and halves, adding  equal groups, solving patterns using repeated patterns, and sharing equally between a set number of groups.

Here are some activity sheets for you to look at:

In school we have been working on the story of Hansel and Gretel and there are some activities here on Hansel and Gretel.

Here are some BBC bitesize activities to look at.

English is about using verbs, maths is working on addition and subtraction word problems ( we are working on this at school at the moment) and also number bonds. There is a science bitesize on materials. 

Some Purple mash 2 Do's have been set.  Please go onto  Purple mash using your log in details to have  a look at them.

They are about:


The traditional tale of Hansel and Gretel

Materials in science.

Home Learning Week Beginning 15th June 2020

The new government online classroom called 'Oak National Academy' will continue - see weblinks

When you enter the site click on classroom/schedule/Year 1. Click on the week and day you would like to look at. You will see Maths, English and Foundation. Click on a subject to open it and follow the instructions. You can either continue from the week you last looked at or start this weeks lessons.

BBC Bitesize has also started daily lessons, see weblinks, again you can look at previous weeks lessons or continue with the lessons planned for this week.


PURPLE MASH  Some 2Do tasks I have set for you this week
Mathematics Addition and Subtraction Word problems

Using adjectives

Science  Labelling and naming everyday materials
History Famous Explorers


Websites to link to for Home Learning: - government online classroom Christopher Columbus Free elibrary – will require registering and creating an account but books free for ages 3-11 follow some active learning tasks


Plus - do not forget to log in to class dojo to keep in touch during the week,

Week beginning: June 8th 2020

Hello Year 1 We hope you are all enjoying the activities we are setting.

This week please visit ‘Oak Academy’ Week 6, Week Beginning June 1st. The focus for this week in maths is addition and subtraction problems. The English focus is poetry.

There are some BBC bite size activities to look at.

 English is using capital letters and full stops. The maths bite size looks at comparing number sentences. There is a geography bite size introducing the UK and a science bite size about habitats.

Some Purple mash 2Do activities have been set:

Writing about animal homes

Painting a rainforest snake

Telling the story of Goldilocks

A number maths game-

To find them go to :

 Habitats-writing projects-animal homes

Topics-The rainforest-paint-snake

English-Story telling-Goldilocks story

Maths-Games-A fish-metic ( look at games 1 and 2)

This weeks activity sheets look at addition and subtraction problems, question marks and spelling, punctuation and grammar. Please choose which activities you would like to look at and enjoy them. We look forward to receiving your photos and comments on class dojo.

Week beginning: June 1st 2020

Hello Year 1,  we hope you enjoyed the lovely weather last week.

Welcome to this week's home learning. This week please visit 'Oak national academy', Week 5, Week beginning May 18th. The focus for this week's learning in maths is number bonds, adding and subtracting 2 digit numbers with ones. The English focus is working on an information text. 


There are some BBC Bitesize activities to look at.

The English activity is looking at full stops, capital letters and joining words.

The maths activity to look at is counting in 2's within 50 and representing numbers within 50.

There is a music Bitesize which is all about having fun with singing

Some Purple Mash 2Do's have been set.

Art- 2 create a story

Maths-to make a pictogram

Science-to look at baby and adult animals

This week's activity sheets are based on revision of work taught this year.

Please remember it is up to you what work you look at from the selection of activities and web sites suggested and how much time you spend on them. Enjoy! 

Week Beginning: May 18th 2020

Welcome to this week's learning Year 1. I hope you enjoyed our online learning last week and our 'space' activities.

This week please visit Oak national Academy and click on Week 4, Week beginning May 11th.

The focus for this week is working with numbers to 100 in maths and the story of 'The Tiger Who Came to Tea' in English. 

Our class theme this week is 'dinosaurs'. Below are  some dinosaur activity sheets and phonics activities on the ee/ea/y graphemes. 

Challenge: Can you make a home for a dinosaur from materials you may have at home such as card, newspaper, pebbles etc.

Some Purple Mash 2Do activities have also been set on the theme of 'dinosaurs'.

Please remember there is no expectation of how much time is spent on these activities and how many are looked at. Enjoy them!

Below are links to BBC Bitesize activities for Year 1. There is a science lesson all about how animals are sorted into different groups. There are 6 videos to look at and 2 activities. This is a topic we have been studying in our science lessons. There is also a music lesson about making 'body percussion',

Week beginning: May 11th 2020

For this weeks learning please go to 'Oak national Academy'.

Click on Week 3, Week beginning May 4th. Maths work is based on numbers up to 100. English is based on writing a character description.

Our class theme for this week is 'Space'. Below are some activity sheets on the theme of 'Space'. 

There are some phonics activity sheets on the split digraph o-e.

Challenge: Could you make a space rocket using materials you could find at home, for example a cardboard tube, silver foil, crayons. 

Some Purple mash 2Do tasks have been set on the topic of 'Space'. 

Please remember it is up to you what activities you look at and how much time you spend on them. There is no expectation of what you should do. Just have fun and enjoy them!



VE Day enrichment tutorial from staff - week beginning 4th May 2020

Still image for this video
We have a little video from the teachers, helping you to understand our enrichment week of home learning for this week. Watch the video before you begin. Don't forget to send us photographs of all your themed learning activities to share. Good luck and have fun!

What's happening this half term - Topic Web

Week beginning: April 27th 2020


We hope you have enjoyed looking at the Year 1 activities that have been suggested for your child during their time at home. 

You will now be able to access a new government online classroom called 'Oak National Academy' 

This is an online classroom and resource hub for children in classes Reception to Year 10. Teachers have prepared 5 sequenced video lessons and resources for English, Maths and Foundation for each year group. These are based on the national curriculum for that year and new lessons are delivered each week. 

Your child can choose what and how much they would like to look at. Each lesson is led by a teacher with activities for your child to have a go at. Your child can pause the video at any time, for example to get a pencil and paper or to collect things needed for a lesson such as lego bricks, crayons. The activities are online and the teacher will help the children with the task, showing the answers. 

We feel this is really useful resource to help their child with their learning whilst at home. Please remember it is up to you and your child to decide what to do. 

When you enter the site click on classroom/schedule/Year 1. Click on the week and day you would like to look at. You will see Maths, English and Foundation. Click on a subject to open it and follow the instructions. I would recommend you start with Week 1-April 20th for this week.

We hope you and your child will really enjoy learning 'as if at school'.

We shall continue to set some Purple Mash 2Do tasks and activity sheets based around a theme which your child may like to have a go at. If you have any questions please contact me on class dojo. Enjoy!



This weeks Purple Mash 2Do's are: 

Describing lambs

Paint projects, paint a butterfly and paint a chick

Home Learning Week Beginning 30th March 2020

PURPLE MASH You have some 2Do tasks we have set for you this week
Reading Samuel Pepys Diary: what is outside Samuel Pepy's window? Draw what you think he sees
English/ Topic Recount the events of the Great Fire of London in 1666
Mathematics Recall and use addition and subtraction facts to 20 fluently 
Phonics phonics phase 5 - ir, ue, aw, ew sounds 


Websites to link to for Home Learning: 


Plus - do not forget to log in to class dojo for small tasks and keeping in touch with us during the week,

Ms Woods and Mrs Parrott


Harvest 2019 - Year 1's harvest samba

Still image for this video

Harvest 2019

Useful Websites

Year 1

If you have any questions or suggestions for any of the Year 1 team please send us a message.