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Welcome to Year 6


Who's who

Mrs Rees - Class Teacher

Ms Evans/ Mrs Matei - Learning Support Assistant


Class routine


Homework due in


Forest School: 16th Sept, 30th Sept, 14th Oct


Homework given out


PE with coach

Spelling Tests

Reading Raffle drawn



This is Friday this term. Please ensure your child has the full kit of white t-shirt (or House colour t-shirt) and black shorts, with trainers for all PE sessions. We will be outdoors whenever possible Thursdays. Pupils need to be dressed appropriately (with any warm clothing necessary).

Other Topic information:

We will be focusing on our recovery curriculum the first part of this term. This means a higher concentration of reading opportunities, writing for real purposes and revisiting Year 5 Maths topics to ensure we try and fill gaps before racing ahead too quickly. Therefore topic sessions will be taught as cross curricular, via other core subject. 

READING: reading for enjoyment, for accuracy, for speed and for full understanding are all important facets of reading. I encourage every child to read at home as often as possible, including a wide range of material. This can be newspapers, magazines, online fact sheets, researching non-fiction information as well as traditional fiction stories. It would help your child immensely if they were encouraged to read at home regularly.

Year 6 expanding their vocabulary to enhance their writing...

Ashlawn School


The deadline for applications for the Ashlawn MFL aptitude test for 2021 entry has been extended until 30th September.  All details and the application form can be found at:


Virtual Open Evening link:

Home Learning for Week Beginning 29th June and 6th July 2020

This week and next week many Year 6 pupils are in school, and so the home learning provided will be less extensive. The Year 6 pupils in school have home learning packs given out to do at home on the two days they are not in school, but if you require further learning to access, I have given you the Oak Academy and the BBC Bitesize websites for Year 6 learning. Also I have found an art and design website that links to lots of art opportunities for children in KS2 and thought this might be a great different avenue for you to explore, for a change. I have not set any 2do tasks on Purple mash but you are welcome to logon and have a look for any activities you would like to do yourself. 

Have a good next two weeks and look out for the Year 6 leavers' arrangements coming out later today....

Mrs Rees

Home learning week beginning 22nd June 2020


Maths  Twinkl open ended investigation spirals LA/MA/HA Twinkl open ended investigation HA pupils
English Autobiography continued  
Purple Mash    
Maths Multiply and divide by 13, 14, 15.  
Spelling SUM2 WK3/WK4  
Topic  Ancient Greek gods fact file/quiz/pairs game  


Home learning week beginning 15th June 2020


Good morning Year 6. This week we are continuing with your autobiographies. You also have two practice SATs papers to have a go at. Enjoy your week!


Purple Mash 

Maths Fractonio's Pizzeria - Learn all about fractions by serving pizzas in Fractonio's Pizzeria!
  Factoroids - Break down the factors into equal parts. 
Geography Earthquakes - Can you find the hidden words in this Developing Tray activity about Earthquakes? Use the pause button and slider to control text.
  Earthquake - Database - Use this database to explore earthquakes.
Spellings Y6 SUM WK3 
Oak Academy Daily
BBC bitesize


Other learning Details
Writing Year 6 Autobiography take away homework part one/two 
Maths  Two practise SAT type assessments. 


Home Learning Week Beginning 8th June 2020

We are continuing with our autobiography in writing this week, focusing on lockdown and how it has affected us. 

The document from last week still applies as there were lots of choices to write about. However, for those of you who are very keen, I have added some more to the list. 

See the documents below for choices and templates to use. 

Good luck and have fun, Mrs Rees

Purple Mash  2do details
maths sequence snake - choose your level, if you succeed, go to the next level.
  monster multiplication 
DT recipe to make chocolate cookies, then use 2do design and make to create a cookie box for your cookies. (instructions and help for cookie box enclosed below)
Spellings Y6 SUM WK2 -ant
Website learning details 
Oak Academy Daily lessons
BBC bitesize


Other learning details
Writing Year 6 Autobiography take away homework part two
  living in lockdown templates for writing 
Reading living in lockdown reading comprehension stories 


Home Learning Week Beginning Monday 1st June 2020

Good morning, hope you are all rested after your half term break, and ready to start the last six weeks of your time with us at ST. Oswald's. Remember our topic this term is ME, and as such i have created a choice of written tasks linked to an autobiography I would like you all to write over the next few weeks. The document Y6 autobiography homework is not to be completed in one week, but over time, so that you can write your best pieces to keep for later in life. I will add to them in a couple of weeks, so that you have a range of things to write about. 

For maths and reading I have posted the OAk Academy and BBC bitesize websites as they will keep your brain stretched ready for secondary school. 

I have also set a few 2do tasks on Purple Mash for you to have  go at with writing frames to add to your autobiography. although I have not set any computing tasks or other tasks on there this week, you are welcome to look at the weekly activities section on the right hand side of your home page for further activities to engage with.  

I look forward to receiving your autobiography tasks and learning more about your early life. 

Stay safe and well, Mrs Rees

Year 6 Leavers' Hoodies to order 20th May 2020.

Home Learning Week Beginning Monday 18th May 2020

Hi Year 6! 

This week I have posted most of our learning onto Purple Mash as you seem to really engage with these tasks. As we have our 'normal' half term holiday at the end of this week, I have set work for this week, but have given you longer to complete it. I have also followed our new topic of ME: meaning any reading and writing opportunities are going towards you writing your own autobiography over the next few weeks, to collate into a book/ folder to keep as you move to secondary. I have been in communication with your secondary schools this week and they want to know all about you, so an autobiography is a great way to introduce yourselves to your new schools!  Good luck an don't forget our weekly Zoom meetings to chat and say hello!

Mrs Rees.

Purple Mash 2Do activities set 
Biography of Sigmund Clitter

chapter 1 -9 texts

chapter 1-9 reading quizzes

chapter 1-9 writing tasks, linked to your own autobiography

Science: evolution and inheritance

Fossils Factfile

Fossils Leaflet

The stages of Fossilisation

Topic/ Computing

Food example - animation

2Animate - food animation part 2.


times tables test and check

bond bubbles - 


Home Learning Week Beginning 11th May 2020

Good morning, 

We are returning to our usual lesson format this week for your learning. Remember our zoom class meeting is Wednesday 13th May at 1pm. I will send you the code to enter via Class Dojo on Wednesday about ten minutes before the meeting. See you then! 

Purple Mash  2Do tasks 
Reading  The Night the Diamonds Fell - chapters 1-7
Comprehension Chapters 1-7 quizzes
Writing  making lists; story chapter; survival kit; radio broadcast; instructions; blogging; book review 
spelling Sum1 WK2 abstract nouns (PDF dictation available below) 
Maths  area activity; add/ subtract up to 1000 
2code computing Turtle road crossing 
2email To email me any questions you have or to get in contact
Websites Daily lessons to follow in reading, grammar and maths 
Oak Academy
Class Dojo portfolio - for sending me any work/ other activities you have been doing 


VE Day enrichment tutorial from Staff - week beginning 4th May 2020

Still image for this video
We have a little video from the teachers, helping you to understand our enrichment week of home learning for this week. Watch the video before you begin. Don't forget to send us photographs of all your themed learning activities to share. Good luck and have fun!

Home Learning Week Beginning 27th April 2020

This week, we are entering our 6th week of home schooling, so I thought I would mix things up a bit. I have listed below some very good websites that are producing daily lessons.

1: BBC Bitesize has daily lessons that you can access with on screen questions. The reading session from 24th April includes an extract read by the English rugby player Maro Itoje - for some motivation!

There is also a well-being lesson on starting secondary school, which may help you if you are a bit nervous.

2: Oak National Academy has Maths, English and humanities daily lessons to follow. I have found some lessons difficult to upload, but you may have more success.

3: Twinkl (our school resource subscription) has devised daily planning sheets to click on each link and follow. I have found this to be excellent and easy to use. I think this will be very useful for you this week. (see documents below)

PURPLE MASH  2Do Tasks this week

Buster's Blitz ch6 - read chapter and comprehension quiz

Buster's Blitz ch7 - read chapter and comprehension quiz


Buster's Blitz ch6 - character comparison

Buster's Blitz ch7 - book review

Topic 2investigate - databases and a quiz on alien databases from 2investigate.

Sum1 wk1 - random spellings from previous term

sum1 wk1 - dictation of spellings 

I do not expect you to do ALL of these above or to be working solidly from 9am to 4pm! However, if you can access an English task, a Maths task and a topic/ science/ art/ craft or music task each day, you will keep your brain working and yourself occupied. Try and choose activities that have some handwriting - as well as keyboard skills - and try to be creative at some point in the day too (this could be construction, drawing, cooking, gardening etc).

Good luck and I will catch up with you on dojo during the week...

From Mrs Rees

Home Learning Week Beginning 20th April 2020

PURPLE MASH 2Do tasks set this week...

Buster's Blitz ch4 - read chapter and comprehension quiz

Buster's Blitz ch5 - read chapter and comprehension quiz


Buster's Blitz ch4 - write a newspaper article

Buster's Blitz ch5 - write a description of a strange dream


Box the verb - verb tenses

Football Time - using passive voice 


Spr2 wk4 - random key words

Spr2 wk5 - ance words 

2 email (in computing icon)

contact me for any queries here

Past SAT papers to practise in maths and grammar

Websites to link to home learning 

Reading Activities  

Scholastic magazines to read and answer questions on  

Warwickshire libraries have a listed different links for learning and also access to audio books. 

Quizzes & other Creative Activities 

This link is for a list of different games which can be downloaded for free, mainly primary.  

has a ‘Harry Potter at Home’ hub with reading, magic tricks, quizzes, puzzles and more 

Creative art activities to try at home  

Below are some Maths resources to practise as well. Do not forget to get in touch if you need any support at all during the next week, good luck

Mrs Rees 

Home Learning Week Beginning 30th March 2020

PURPLE MASH You have some 2Do tasks I have set for you this week
Reading Buster's Blitz chapter 1, quiz on the chapter, writing outcome on advice for pet owners
Grammar Flora's Trouble, Indigo's Game, Synonyms and Antonyms
Spelling Practice Spring Wk2 (ence, ency) Spring Wk5 (ance) 
Mathematics multiplication tables check, factoroids, fractonio's pizzeria

Check your emails for links to other practice SAT papers you can practice during the week

you can also email me any queries or get in touch through this


 Websites to link to for home learning:


Plus - do not forget to log in to class dojo for daily small tasks and keeping in touch with me during the week,

Mrs Rees 

Year 6 gymnastics performances to parents

Still image for this video
We learned about co-operation, courage, perseverance and friendship (our school Christian values) through working in teams to create a sequence of balances and movement to music. We created a routine, using some teaching input from Mrs Rees and some of our own creativity.

Group 2

Still image for this video

Group 3

Still image for this video

Group 4

Still image for this video

Experimenting with the spectrum of colours that make up light

Still image for this video
Today we looked at how light is refracted and the white colour splits into the full colour spectrum. We then explored turning a colour spectrum back to white by blending the colours when spinning them. We had fun but also learned a great deal about light and how it works.

Learning how making periscopes manipulates light

Harvest 2019 - Announcing our chosen charity

Still image for this video

Harvest 2019

Useful Websites

Year 6

If you have any questions or suggestions for any of the Year 6 team please send us a message.