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Design & Technology

The Vision behind the Core Knowledge Curriculum

Our Topic Curriculum was first implemented in 2021 and encompasses the following subjects; Geography, History, Design Technology and Art and Design. Topics chosen cover the NC POS. There is a layered coverage model so that some parts are ‘in-depth studies’ and some which are ‘lighter touch focuses’ It is a carefully sequenced, knowledge-rich curriculum which aims to inspire pupils, promote excellent outcomes for all and overcome inequality of opportunity.


This curriculum has been produced by a curriculum team consisting of members of the school teaching team and an external specialist advisor. This is a curriculum produced by teachers for teachers. 


What is the Intent of our Topic Curriculum?

The knowledge content has been carefully chosen for local relevance and sequenced in a coherent way, ensuring it builds from year to year. In this way, the knowledge in the curriculum is cumulative, constructing firm foundations from which pupils can build conceptual understanding and skills over time. We have been careful to weave in elements that ensure pupils are inspired, inquisitive and that this curriculum promotes independence.


The ultimate intent is that due to the progressive nature of our topic curriculum is that pupils retain high quality knowledge in their long-term memory, knowledge that can be applied across the curriculum and free the working memory to deepen their critical thinking skills year after year.


How is the Topic Curriculum implemented?

Our Topic Curriculum is an enquiry-based model, with enquiry questions scaffolding a sequence of children’s learning through a topic. Progression of skills documents in all four subject areas provide guidance for teaching and ensure the skills taught are progressive and there are age-related expectations for each year group.

Design and Technology 

The Design and Technology Curriculum Overview provides children with opportunities to design and make products that have a clear user and purpose. The children should be able to explain how they could use their product in the modern day, how it works and have a good understanding of the purpose of their product. The spiral curriculum design allows for progression in core Design and Technology skills across the school. 

The National Curriculum programme of study for Design and Technology are covered throughout KS1 and KS2. To ensure a broad curriculum provision, core aspects of Design are covered in the Design and Technology curriculum at St Oswald’s:

  • Structures
  • Mechanisms
  • Textiles
  • Cooking + Nutrition
  • Electrical Systems (KS2 only)
  • Control (KS2 only)

The progression of skills documents in Design and Technology provide guidance for teaching and ensure the skills taught are progressive and there are age-related expectations for each year group.

Termly Design and Technology projects are taught and appropriately positioned within the topic learning journey. The projects will include an annual cooking and nutrition focus, plus two other projects each year.

Every Year group has a session planner to ensure clear topic links and balanced spiral coverage of Design and Technology aspects.