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Religious Education

The main objective of our Religious Studies is to provide varied and enriching lessons that effectively prepare our students for life in a culturally diverse modern world. We aim to promote an awareness of the usefulness of Religious Studies to everyday living, to encourage enthusiasm for interest in the study of other people’s beliefs and to promote mutual respect, tolerance and understanding across different cultures and communities.



The RE Long-Term Plan contains a mixture between the Understanding Christianity scheme of work and the Coventry and Warwickshire agreed syllabus. This gives our pupils the opportunity to understand people’s beliefs, compare them with their own and learn to respect each other’s views and faith.


The teaching of RE involves some direct teaching and whole class, group, paired or individual activities.  A range of teaching styles are used including enquiry, exploration, discussion, asking and answering questions, artefacts, visits and faith visitors, this ensures pupils are actively engaged in their learning. They also learn through other curriculum areas such as art, music, creative writing and drama.


Christianity is taught through EYFS, Key stage 1 and Key stage 2.  Aspects of the other five principal religions are also explored.